Our Secret Recipe

LPE Evaluation

Every company is a world of itself . That’s why we start our consultations following the steps of the main pillars of rhetorical analysis: Logos, Pathos and Ethos. We apply these philosophical principles in order to understand the product or services appealing factor and a way to present it.  

- Logos appeal to the audience’s reason, building up logical arguments.  
- Pathos appeal to the emotions, trying to make the audience emotionally connected
- Ethos appeal to status or authority, making the audience more likely to trust them and their product and services.  

With these guidelines we are able to provide an external view to our clients and elaborate a plan of action.

Strategic Implementation

Once there is a plan of action, we follow a methodical execution to launch the strongest project using our in-house resources, features and services. 

- Customizable Features: Ad hoc to your needs , each project is a tailored process to work for the best outcome and a lasting relationship. 
- Interactivity: Connect with numerous Leads in a friendly and amusing way. 
- Quantitative Studies: Improve your clients customer and user experience to increase loyalty , faster time to market , revenue and much more . 
- Smart Data Gathering: Enrich your company with the information you need make the best decisions. 
- Product Testing: From physical products to digital platforms, let us help you before you escalate your investments.

Additional Catalysers

We work closely with selected partners in each field to cover all the weak spots the company might face to achieve operational excellency in their campaign.   

- Branding: Let us help you Design or redesign your brand. 
- Art & Content Creation: Let us help you with creative content for a visual identity. 
- Neuromarketing: Let us help you gain astounding information about  your brand and campaign before escalating your investment to the next level.  
- Digital Marketing: Let us hope you over the latest digital strategies for ROI optimization. 
- Mass Marketing: Let us help you achieve an unprecedented brand awareness.
- Inbound Marketing: Let us help you align  the needs of your target audiences to your company. 
- SEO & SEM: - Let us strategize on the best long -term web positioning strategy. 
- Automatisation: - Reduce unproductive time through software integrations and automatisation of work flows.

Executive Report

Receive a dashboard of the successes of your strategic campaign in a matter of days, being able to make changes and improvements during your campaign to take the best of it . Real time data will allow you to be in control of your campaign while having a professional team on your side to help you achieve the goals as soon as possible.

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